[jhb_airlines] Re: Tiger Moth update

  • From: Mike Lucas <mhlucas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2006 10:16:50 +0100

I look forward to trying the Tiger Moth in FS2004, although I really haven't taken to FS2004 yet - not least because VFR scenery doesn't seem as crisp as in FS2002, and also my problem with pan view.

Mike L

Bones wrote:
It's only taken two years but I have finally updated the FS2002 Tiger Moth
collection to work properly in FS2004.

The major problem was with the aerodynamics as MS had changed a lot of
parameters in FS2004 (as they have again in FSX). This meant that although
the aircraft would fly in FS2004 it flew very badly - and developed annoying
traits like rapid pitch up from Slew and reversed pitch change with power
changes. Although I tried to cure these early on it was apparent that I was
guessing and the cure was buried deep in the graphs in the .air file.

All is now cured, thanks to a very detailed description of the alterations
needed to the table files in the .air file. It was a horrible 12 point
conversion, one involving messy mathematical calculations applied to every
single point in the 404 graph. The rest weren't exactly easy either.

I also took the opportunity to revise a few other handling values and so you
will notice slightly different behaviour. Users without rudder pedals are in
for a shock if they try steep turns and I'd recommend turning auto rudder
on. Users with pedals had better start using their feet more!

One additional touch - although it is rather "botchy". The Tiger has always
annoyed me in that its tailskid has never worked as in real life. A skid is
far more draggy than a tailwheel - which is why you don't need brakes. Put a
tailwheel on the aircraft and ground resistance vanishes, which is why the
Canadian Tiger was fitted with brakes. The aircraft.cfg file has a setting
for a tailskid but it seems to impart no additional drag on the ground - all
it seems to do is kick up a bit more dust.

What I have done is map the brakes to the tailskid. If landing on a tarmac
runway where the skid has almost zero drag you leave the brakes off. If you
are landing on grass put the parking brake on. As soon as the skid touches
the ground the resistance will slow the aircraft down rather nicely - as
close as I could get to the real thing. Take the brakes off for taxying
though as you won't move with them on. You may also find the Tiger turns a
bit better on the ground too as I altered the ground handling.

In addition to the above I have completely rebuilt the panel with all new
XML gauges that are true to the original Tiger fit. Some of the gauges also
have alternative displays - single and dual needle altimeters, same for the
tachometer and an ASI in both knots and MPH. Clicking on each side of the
dial will swap the instrument over.

At the moment the update doesn't include the floatplane variant as I am
still working on the dynamics for this.

I'd welcome anyone testing the new aircraft in case I have overlooked
anything in the zip or with the aircraft itself. You can grab it from:


One word of caution though. FS doesn't like duplicate aircraft titles so you
will have to delete your original DH82_Tiger_Moth folder (but not the
separate floatplane model). You can do this after installing the new files
because these will install into a new folder called DH82A_Tiger_Moth.

If any of you have additional repaints for the aircraft you can drag the
texture folders for these over to the new Tiger folder. Don't forget to cut
and paste the appropriate sections of the aircraft.cfg file over too.


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