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The weakness of my separate instrument panel monmitor approach is that it's not possible to use it with an aircraft like your Moth. If I unlock the panel, then the forward viewed struts come as part of the package and the instrument panel sits below, with the space between being a black background. I could raise the panel to the top of the screen by editing the bitmap. In doing that I'd lose the struts. I can't see a way of making the non panel sections of the unlocked window transparent, which would be ideal.

Still, can't have everything.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

I think the American compass as used by the FS2002 Tiger worked in the way
you described (I'd nicked the P38 compass as I could code gauges in FS2002).

I agree that stalling in the Tiger is abysmal in FS - it doesn't work at
all. The reason for this is that FS treats the whole wing surface as one
lifting plane rather than model each wing separately. When you stall it is
right across the whole aircraft - you can't get one wing to stall first or
the aircraft to stall root first and gradually out to the tips. I've never
been able to work out how RealAir managed to model two wings into their air
file so their aircraft stall and spin properly - the SF260 being almost
perfect in this behaviour.

Oddly enough, since I got TrackIR I've flown the Tiger almost totally in VC


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"My crosshairs and bezel also move independently which is how the
original version works"

Sorry, John, that was duff gen. It doesn't! I'm sure I came across an aircraft where it does though, which is why I'm getting confused.

On my P4 you can use either a mouse click or the scroll wheel to
rotate the bezel.

That's a good trick!

I have emailed you my panel progress for review.

Incidentally, I just tried stalling the Tiger.  Both power off and on, it is
very benign, rather like a Piper Warrior,
just nodding up and down, though with increasing degrees of pitch.  However,
it doesn't lose any height.  I can't
believe that it is so docile, in real life. I assume, like all FS flight
dynamics, proper stalling is impossible.  It
does fly beautifully otherwise, and is much easier somehow to fly than the
old version with a mental picture of the view
ahead rather thn an actual one, but that must be an illusion!  I found I
could even taxi without having to use VC "head
to one side" mode or Panel off mode. I've got a Track IR version 1 but could
never really get on with it. Been flying
too long with a 2D cockpit, I guess.

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