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  • Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 15:16:35 +0100

You are right in that the braking had been set to the tailskid so there
should have been no pitch effect when applying them.

I'm puzzled that you had almost instant and severe braking with those
settings whereas I had very little. It now makes me wonder if a user
variable somewhere affects the strength of these settings - maybe the
Realism settings. If so it is best taken out as it introduces unwanted
variations to the setting.

I am also puzzled as to why you think grass landings were OK but tarmac
landing are too short. On either grass or tarmac the current model seems to
have a ground landing run of about 600ft. This would be about right on
tarmac (although a tad too long) but I could stop the Tiger on grass in
about 200ft - something I just can't get it to do in the sim.


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> The flashing rectangle will be a bitmap overlap - which might be a pig
> to cure but I'll hunt it down.
I'll make the change you suggested later today.

> When you say the brakes stop you dead do you mean literally, as in
> running into a brick wall?
Yes. There is no intertial nose down pitch either (or tailwheel lift which
ever you prefer to describe it as). That would be because you've applied the
braking to the tailskid i assume. Apart from the difficulty in turning on
ground, I think the settings in the old version were OK on grass, though too
draggy on tarmac. Now - it takes a lot of
tarmac runway to stop, so I'll have to choose my airfields carefully when
landing <g>.

> I presume the brake message doesn't appear because I only mapped one
> brake to the tailskid. If you apply brakes as normal you probably
> won't get a message - but you should if you apply the parking brake. I
> have actually hacked my system to suppress all these messages but I
> still note a tiny red bar at the bottom left of the display.

My brakes message was hidden behind the taskbar, which was supposed to be
set not to be always on top, but the computer
has reset it by itself!

> bones

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