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The latest update (four days ago) is available from my web site plus an
upgrade file for those of you who grabbed the aircraft a few weeks back.
Basic changes are power and handling modifications to bring it back to real
Tiger values. I'd certainly appreciate further feedback before I release it
to the wider world.
If you don't have rudder pedals then I strongly advise turning auto rudder
on. She is almost totally unstable in yaw (as was the real aircraft). If you
have pedals then start turning on rudder before applying bank.

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Just a line to say that I've tried the Tiger update and its as good as ever,
thank you.
I flew the 1937 trainer version, I'm just amazed that the pilots of the day
moved from this to Spitfires, they must have had a huge learning curve with
the difference in performance!
Frank T.

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