[jhb_airlines] Thursday's Event

  • From: Gerry Winskill <gwinsk@xxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 12:39:32 +0000

If the weather permits, Tom and I are aiming to fly VFR Leeds to Blackpool, then Blackpool to Ronaldsway, in formation. We'll both fly the TB21GT.

If we do that will we be permitted to make stream takeoffs ? I'd be lining up on the LH half and Tom on the right, starting to roll 5 seconds after me. For landing, Tom would continue 10 seconds after I turn base leg, before making his turn, to improve separation. I'll land LH side, leaving the RH side for Tom.

Would that be acceptable? If not what mods do we need to make?

If it's not VFR weather then we'll go for the shortest acceptable timing between IFR flights.

Gerry Winskill

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