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Good try Alex but Recovery Console wasn't playing ball. With it loaded it
asked for the Windows system I wanted to change and I only had the option to
select the number for this or to exit. When I selected the C:/Windows option
it asked for an Admin password.. :(

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I spent 3 years in charge of software deployment for a company running
nothing but Bloody Novell. 

Now, if I remember correctly, unc32.exe is a dos command application, is it
possible to put in your Windows XP disk, boot into recovery mode (hit R when
it asks what you want to do) then run unc32.exe from within the recovery

OR the other way round which I've just recalled, is boot into recovery mode
with the XP disk, and find NWGina.dll ("C:\WINDOWS\system32" - is the

You want to change this file for MSGina.dll either by putting your own one
on disk and swapping it (be sure your XP is same version as the one
installed, I.E SP2 for SP2) or by deleting NWGina.dll and copying the
MSGina.dll from that same machine (far safer) 

Basically the Gina.dll's are called on bootup and determine if you will be
prompted to login, if no login screen is called through the Gina.dll's then
you'll be taken straight into the root account. 

If you cant find, or copy the MSGina.dll (our standard company practice used
to be to rename MSGina.dll to GinaOrig.BAK) then you can just try deleting
the NWGina.dll and it may just boot directly into windows, it depends on the
account permissions. 

Anyway, once that file is gone it wont ask you the Novell details anymore.
If you need any further help, just ask.


bones wrote: 

Good try but they trapped that too. You boot into Safe Mode and the Novell

login still comes up before you can get to the DOS prompt.

Hmmm. I wonder if I can boot from an old DOS 5.1 floppy? Trouble is I

probably can't run unc32.exe then because it will probably tell me it is a

different OS..


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Can you use the F8 key to get the boot menu up before the Novell Log-in

screen comes up?

If so, boot in safe mode, go to the Novell directory (usually c:\Novell) and

run unc32.exe.


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With Novell you are locked out of any Windows access. The first thing on

screen is a Novell login and if you can't get past this you've had it.


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Any chance you can safe boot into the registery,and sort it from there.

Sometimes works. FF

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The charger for the laptop arrived today and I have it working again.

I've had no luck contacting any of the guys that used it at BA so it

looks like I might have to wipe everything and reinstall XP from CD.

That's a pity as it already has a kosher copy installed - but locked

down by Novell Network.

The only problem that worries me is that if I use my own XP CD I

presume it will require activating after installation - and I can't

really do that as MS will surely require me to buy a second license..

John Woodside




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