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I used Bart PE to create a bootable CD. Running Bart allowed access to the
command prompt so I then went back to Alex's email and swapped NWGina.dll
for MSGina.dll. Rebooted and Novell has gone.

Now I am stuck at the Windows Login. Same thing - it's requiring a Login and
password again. I tried Guest but it says Admin have locked this.

I'll search the Net for a bypass for this.


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You can use Bart PE to boot from the unbootable Windows XP system and
export a registry value that contains the Product Key. Merge the
registry value to a working XP system and use Magic Jelly Bean (see
below) or others to reveal the Product Key.

1. Create a Bart PE CD http://tinyurl.com/ehbh6
2. Download LoadHive from http://tinyurl.com/fzwvy and copy the file in
a floppy.
3. Boot the unbootable XP system with BART PE.
4. Run LoadHive from the FD opening C:\Windows\System32\Config\Software.
5. Do not close the program.
6. Run Regedit and navigate to
HKLM\Software_00\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion and highlight
DigitalProductID on the right pane. Software_00 is a new registry key
that was created by LoadHive.
7. Click on File and Export. Save it on the desktop if it is bigger that
the floppy can handle.
8. Edit the content and keep only
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE_00\Microsot\Windows NT\CurrentVersion]
Â?DigitalProductIDÂ?= and the value. 9. Boot the operational Windows XP
system. 10. Run regedit and export HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows
NT\CurrentVersion to the Desktop or somewhere you can remember. 11. Merge
the registry file from Step 8 by double clicking it. 12. Run Magic Jelly
Bean to reveal the XP Product key and write it down. 13. Merge the registry
file from Step 10 so it goes back to original status.

Magic Jelly Bean available from

It is a lengthy process but it works.   Or you can spend £90.  Wouldn't
touch Vista with a barge pole.

Mike L

bones wrote:
> I'm not interested in hacking into the BA files. I was just hoping to
> avoid reinstalling Win XP by removing the Novell software.
> Looks like I may have to buy another copy of XP, which is annoying.

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