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You're not the only one to have done that Gerry.

I once spent 2 hours soundchecking a group, even delaying the doors opening
because I couldn't trace why I wasn't hearing the Bass Guitar.  I naturally
blamed the Bassist but a stage check showed eveything to be OK.  So I
checked the cable runs, still no problem, returned to the desk and checked
the groupings only to the realise I'd muted the channel while setting a box
mic.  One button press and voila Bass Guitar.  I felt so stupid I didn't let
on until some months later, I made an excuse of dodgy cabling.  I blame the
bassist, if he hadn't of been pratting while I was setting the vox mics...


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I seem to have spent most of yesterday trying to recover from one PC
crisis after another. My final problem was that on switching to three
screen mode, the left hand monitor stayed blank. I'd had this problem
initially, so when I cured it I saved a named System Restore Point.
Only, after the shennanagins with the system ruining Nvidia driver
update, none of my named Restore points had survived.
It was just after I'd kicked off a restore to Saturday's settings that I
took a closer look at the recalcitrant monitor.    I hadn't switched it

Gerry Winskill

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