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I'd heard that he went up the scaffolding to bollock the foreman for
something - then turned round and stepped into space. He was a great pal of
Dennis Reid - the photographer.


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As in the property opposite Albert Road School, here in Ramsey? All
falls into place now. SWMBO's friend is a friend of his widow. I couldn't
work out why someone with his money was doing the work himself.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>SWMBO has obeyed orders and taken photos of the Eiderduck at the
>airport which Gerry alluded to in a previous post.
>Pictures are on my spare page at
>http://www.homepages.mcb.net/bones/Spare.htm - along with a few
>nostalgic items.
>It doesn't need much thought to see why it didn't fly.
>BTW Gerry, Greg Wright is the son of Wilf Wright, one of our early
>1970's local pilots who became infamous for stepping off the
>scaffolding of his property without a parachute.

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