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I know the feeling. When I assigned F1 to RW Transmit, I stopped FS9 with about 20 screens full of Windows Help windows. Non of which helped at all.
Off to instal the software and try to catch up.

Gerry Winskill

Mike Brook wrote:

Thanks Paul, but talk about long winded!  Skype chat was much more user
friendly!  Still a good session tho'.  Only problem was, in trying to
fly & send text messages I managed to not only deploy the undercart at
FL180 but also managed to shut down an engine on short finals...


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If, as Bones was, you are reduced to text only, the .msg method still works.

To do this, use the box next to the Comms frequency on the
Pilot-Club box.

Format: .msg <CALLSIGN> Your message.

ie. .msg JHB153 Duck, I'm 5ft above you.


.msg EGNS_APP Reporting near miss, request clean trousers on landing.

The message goes only to the recipient whose callsign you've
used.  This may
prove useful if you're having trouble establishing voice.


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