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  • Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2004 22:01:31 +0100

OK. The MS Knowledge Base has come up with this little gem:

Outlook uses the same algorithm that Exchange servers use to send plain =
to the Internet. Typically, if 25 percent or more of the message is =
of 8-bit characters, Outlook uses Base 64 encoding. Otherwise, Outlook =
Quoted-Printable encoding.

I think the problem is the Quote Printable encoding because a few web =
have suggested that this format induces the control characters in the =
The MS article goes on to say that you can force the email encoding by
changing the InternetMailTextEncoding line in the Registry but it isn't
present in my Outlook settings. Anyway, as this problem only happens =
the JHB List I don't think it is worth me messing with my values right =


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This is how it showed up with me...

- MikeB

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> =3DA3
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> 56666666666777=3D
> 777
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