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This is odd. I tried a Google search to see if I could trace the source
(which I'd forgotten) and Google came up with the original message I =
to you all! Looks like the Freelists postings are open to the search

Anyway, the original post was as follows:

"Some of you will possibly remember John Hnidec from a few years back =
he developed FlightMax - about the most accurate GPS emulation for FS =
it became overtaken by the default installation.

John is now about to release a new product on the market and I'd guess =
the hints being pushed out that it will be a TAWS (Terrain Awareness and
Warning System). This is one step up from GPWS in that it provides a =
full 3D
view of the terrain ahead as well as the aural warnings.

If this is the intended product it will be the first time someone has =
out how to read terrain modelling ahead of the aircraft. So far the only
data FS gives out is height above the ground directly below the aircraft =
I'm guessing they have written their own code to read data directly from =
terrain BGL's..

The reason why the product has not be announced properly is that they =
giving 10 copies away to those who guess the answer correctly. If you =
my guess then send an email to mystery@xxxxxxxxxxxxx - only four correct
answers have been received so far.."

It's moved on a bit since then but check http://fswidgets.com/ for the
latest details..


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I remember that some time ago you made reference to someone who was=20
developing a 'Terrain Following Radar' that could 'look ahead'.

Did you ever hear anything more about it?



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