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But if you have airfield NDB AFCAD's which have the same airfield ident as
the original then the two can't co-exist. FS only recognises one AFCAD as
valid and ignores the rest.


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Right. I'm now exactly where I was aiming to be. I've set up FSNav
DataBase, with the NDB equipped AFCADs folder removed from the FS9
folder. The folder containing stripped down AFCADs was in place and
enabled. I now get an FSNav display, in which each strip is displayed,
but with just name and ICAO code. Once the DataBase was compiled, a rare
occasion, the folder containing NDB AFCADs was put back into FS9 and
enabled. The NDBs now all work but don't appear in FSNav. Great.

Although it's no longer a problem, I can't see why FSNav displayed all
the wrong frequencies, when I allowed it to pick up the NDBs. All other
third party NDNB grequency displays were normal. Perhaps it's a function
of the frequencies I'm using; all in the high 800s?

Anyway, another job out of the way. I've tucked your ideas on use of xml
away, for future use. Many thanks.
Thinks, Perhaps it would be sensible to show my face in the other room.....

Gerry Winskill

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