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I don't think anything would reduce the quality of a soap.

Frank T.

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That's usefull. Any idea whether the quality drop, from SP to EP would have any significant impact on, say replay of a Soap?

Gerry Winskill

Paul Reynolds wrote:
Yes, from our DVR manual...

HQ -  1:32:47
SP -  2:02:32
LP -  3:03:21
EP -  4:07:13
SLP - 6:11:26
SEP - 8:03:21

Unless you also have HQ, SP is the highest quality you would want to use and outputting from the Sky+ box is done in real time. Though you can queue the recordings to auto play if you want to leave it to do a couple of episodes
overnight.  I often do this with SWMBO's programmes she wants outing to


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Doesn't that depend on the recording quality level selected? On my Machine I
get two hours at HD quality..


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I've just RTFM; the one on the Help website, 'cos our Manual has gone walkabout.

Which leads to another question. What recorded programme time length will fit on one DVD?

Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:
A non FSX query for a change.

Our younger daughter wants her mother to send her DVD copies of a series of TV progs that SWMBO has recorded, will be recording, on our Sky +. Is there a way of transferring from Sky + to laptop to DVD, or do we have to go the long winded route of playing the prog(s) again, whilst recording on our DVD Record and Play unit?

The good news about the second option is that it buys me more time in
Gerry Winskill

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