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Hang on - let's drag the chart up..

Yes to your question. If Thames Radar is out of service then the only
procedural approach is the route that obliges you to intercept the 243 =
"radial". To find out what happens before ALKIN the clue is in the text
section which says "The standard routes for inbound aircraft are =
detailed in
the STAR's shown at AD 2-EGLC-7-1/3". In other words if radar is out =
the only approaches into Biggin are via the London City STAR's.

A clue on this restricted procedure can be found in the MAP for the ILS
approach. Aircraft have to stay within 4.2nm DME of the airfield during =
go-around and I'd say this is to stop them infringing the final approach
procedures for other nearby airfields. You can see how close the ILS for =
goes to the approach for London City itself - it really is tight =
down there..

What they don't describe is the procedure for off airways traffic that
arrive at EGKB in bad weather and then request the ILS. Generally though =
would be a matter of handing them off to Thames Radar for vectoring. =
procedural flying in the UK is very rare in high capacity environments..


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If anyone has a chance to look at the Biggin Hill approach plate=20
for the ILS to runway 21, I have the following query.

Assume that you are going to fly the procedure, and not receive=20
Is approaching the initial approach fix (ALKIN) on a heading of=20
243 degrees the only permitted approach, or could you, say, route=20
overhead BIG VOR at "some altitude above the ATZ" and make a=20
descending turn inbound at about 8 or 9 DME to arrive at the IAF=20
on heading 243 and at altitude 1800ft on the QNH.  Put another=20
way I suppose, is the IAF the official start of the procedure, or=20
does it start when on heading 243 en route to the IAF?


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