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Aah, I wonder, I will check, but I think I may have trimmed out the MTL file, thus removing the F18. In that case, a MTL reinstall will replace it.

Frank F
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The FS version shouldn't be relevant to the problem. IVAO simply sends a
code based on your type selected in the flight plan. The other pilots should
get that code and it should automatically pull the relevant aircraft from
the IVAO AI aircraft folder.


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I have no idea why my aircraft didn't show up on IVAO for you.  I
arbitrarily chose an F-18, although I was actually flying a Hawk.  IVAO
should have shown it to you as an F-18 if you have that installed, or
the default Antonov if you don't.  Is there perhaps some incompatibility
between my FS9 and your FSX?  What was Thomas using - since he saw me OK?

Mike L

F FISHER wrote:
Mike L

I have an F18 in my hanger, so why I could not see you, I have no idea.

FSX+SP2+GenX V2.

Ok when you changed to M$ default, tho the F18 is default.

Perhaps I should get another flyer to come in with an F18 as well.

Frank F


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