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  • Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 20:43:35 +0100

Ah, thanks Bones, my sanity is restored!

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No - the airfield still only has a LLZ/DME approach.

Maybe the designer couldn't install the localiser only and just added the
full ILS. In know he has used FSSC for the rebuild but it's a long time
since I looked at it. I know ASD had the ability to select no GP but I can't
recall if FSSC provides this. Likewise ASD allowed offset ILS's but I don't
think any of the other progs did.

Hopefully he may change the ILS in the update when he fixes the runway
problem. He said he'd received a few emails with suggestions for
improvement/amendment and maybe this will be one of them.


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Hi all,

I think the grey matter is starting to let me down.

Last night I got the relavant charts from the NATS AIS website as usual.
These indicate the both runways 18 and 36 have a LLZ/VOR/NDB approach, not a
full ILS/DME.

As I hadn't installed the addon scenery correctly, this is what I got from
the default FS2004 scenery on approach.

Tonight however, I have installed the addon scenery correctly and there is
now a full ILS/DME approach (on the same frequency as the original VOR used
for the DME) which is not documented at all?  Is this a new facility at
Stornoway for which the charts have not yet been updated?



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