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  • Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 14:55:51 -0000

I must admit that after so many tweaks to FS9 the thought of rebuilding it
from scratch fills my heart with dread. I now make a copy of the cfg file
and keep it safe elsewhere - updating this if I make any serious FS9


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I'm still rebuilding the software in my PC after an upgrade and 
big glitch fixing session which required a windows reinstall.

Yesterday it was time to reinstall FS9.  Having done so, added 
the patch and swapped out the exec file for the no-CD version, it 
ran perfectly.  Then i switched the display setting to a higher 
resolution and Bam the screen went blank I I got a message - I 
think from the graphics driver "Input not supported" and FS 
became "not responding" in Task Manager.  Does anyone know where 
I can manually edit the display settings from outside FS?  I 
couldn't find any relevant config or similar file.


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