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The original Seneca was a rush job after the floods at Lock Haven destroyed
the Comanche and Twin Comanche production lines. It was originally going to
be called the Twin Cherokee - alluding to it being a nice, easy to fly, twin
version of the PA32. The PA24 Comanche was a hotter ship with its laminar
flow wing and the twin PA30 also required careful handling - especially on
landing. Piper thought the Twin Cherokee would offer a less twitchy light
twin to their stable.

Anyway, they got a PA32 Cherokee fuselage and stuck two engines on it - and
renamed it the Seneca. The original versions were horribly underpowered and
had gutless handling and performance. Back at approach speeds the ailerons
were almost completely ineffective. Eventually they upgraded the engines to
200hp and that was a bit better but the turbocharged versions are much
better. Having said that they are still nothing exciting - just a nice,
safe, light twin ideal for low hour pilots to convert to.


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Hi Paul,

No problem and it flies well, if not treated like a Default aircraft. My 
first reaction was that it is underpowered. Then I remembered to keep 
weakening the mixture, in the climb, and the performance shot up.

"Arriving" was another matter again! It takes time to slow, too little 
power on and it comes down like a brick, etc. I look forward to several 
hours of circuit work before I can fly it acceptably. It's also a bit 
sensitive in pitch. If that's untypical of the real thing then I can 
dial it out a bit.

Before flying it I'd read a flight review of the real beast, which 
referred to the odd landing characteristics. To wit it just about runs 
out of backward yoke, but touches down softly, just as the pilot begins 
to think about extra power. Which is just about what happens with this 

Good value for about £9.

It's been a decent day for value. I spent an hour reclining in the sun, 
in the garden, this morning. Normally I can't abide sitting like that 
but I had my Archos playing an Alan Price CD, so it was no hardship.

Digressing, I recorded the Cream Reunion a couple of months ago and it's 
sad that there seems to be no talent of the Clapton or Price variety, 
amongst today's crop of wannabee celebs.

To get back from this rambling, I came back in and did a Yahoo to see 
what other Price CDs are available. Having found a couple that filled a 
gap, via Amazon, I ordered them. From the States, including postage and 
UK VAT, the total was $16 ! That's just over eight quid for material I'd 
have been prepared to pay double for. Sourced from within the UK, I'd 
have had to pay more than double.

Gerry Winskill

Paul Reynolds wrote:
> Sorry Gerry,
> I'd forgotten that.  Otherwise it's a realy nice plane to fly.
> Paul
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>> Hi John,
>> That doesn't work either. I've now reached the stage where it won't 
>> even start with Ctrl E, having gone through a phase where it started 
>> with the keyboard, then stopped!
>> Reload the aircraft and the keyboard will start it..
>> Then I did the sensible thing, went to the Flying Club website, then 
>> to the Forum and did a search on Seneca. It was clear I wasn't the 
>> first mug!
>> The solution is
>> in the aircraft cfg file under [piston_engine] change 
>> normalized_starter_torque=  to 0.4 that should fix it.
>> One decimal place change and it starts from Saitek and Goflight kit.
>> Gerry Winskill
>> Pentalverjohn@xxxxxxx wrote:
>>> YES Gerry
>>>  you need shift+3 andshift+4 which are ignition panel and fuel panel
>>>  Then you can get to the start switch.
>>>  hope it helps
>>>  regards John Hill

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