[jhb_airlines] Re: Standard Pocedure

  • From: FrankTurley@xxxxxxx
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 14:25:50 EDT

Hi Alastair & Gerry,
I think I got involved in the fun at Jersey last night too. Tom Isaacs was  
taxying out when I logged on, and there was a controller on Jersey Tower. I got 
 flight plan approval, permission to start and permission to taxi, meanwhile 
Tom  took off for Bournemouth, but not early enough to avoid the go around 
call to  Alastair.
While taxying I heard the go round instruction to Alastair, and then later  I 
saw Gerry land on where I saw the runway, so I think both Gerry and I have  
Gary Summon's Jersey. While I sat at the hold, I heard Alastair coming down the 
 ILS, when the controller "saw" me as being on the runway, he was not aware 
of  the GS taxiway being more or less where the MS runway is! I offered to 
take-off  immediately to resolve the issue, permission was granted and I took 
the air.  I was handed over to Anthony on Jersey approach fairly rapidly, and 
when Iooked  a little later Jersey Tower had closed down.
I suspect the Jersey Tower controller was fairly new, I had to prompt him  to 
give me a squawk code after I got my clearance. I hope he sticks with  it.
Frank T.

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