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To be fair I have to add that the guy on EGJJ_TWR was only on his second
session as a controller and I think he got a situation developing that
quickly swamped his train of thought. It was a good call to tell the
aircraft to go around if he thought Tom was on the runway but I'm guessing
he then had no real clue as to what to do next (or simply ran out of
thinking time). 
It's odd when you first sit in the hot seat because your thought processes
turn to treacle. Even simple decisions can take ages to work out but time is
never on your side and it is often too late. Speed only develops with
experience. It is why you learn so little in your first weeks because you
are simply too slow to deal with even light traffic - especially if
something slightly unusual happens. You have to let the mentor take over,
wait until it is quiet and then he can explain the situation and the remedy
to you. That can take quite a while and in an hour you may have only been on
the radio for five minutes! Only as you gain experience do your radio
sessions get longer and the interruptions get less.
Take pity on some of the controllers. Some are still learning much as you
are and they won't always be perfect. Considering none have had any formal
training I think our present bunch do a remarkable job. In a way we are
lucky though a traffic is light and ATC can build up experience as the
traffic increases. Like yourselves though there is still a lot of missing
knowledge and it will take a while to pass this on. I hope that Alex's new
email list might allow UK ATC to chat about things much in the same way this
list helps us pilots to sort problems out..
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Hi Alastair & Gerry,
I think I got involved in the fun at Jersey last night too. Tom Isaacs was
taxying out when I logged on, and there was a controller on Jersey Tower. I
got flight plan approval, permission to start and permission to taxi,
meanwhile Tom took off for Bournemouth, but not early enough to avoid the go
around call to Alastair.
While taxying I heard the go round instruction to Alastair, and then later I
saw Gerry land on where I saw the runway, so I think both Gerry and I have
Gary Summon's Jersey. While I sat at the hold, I heard Alastair coming down
the ILS, when the controller "saw" me as being on the runway, he was not
aware of the GS taxiway being more or less where the MS runway is! I offered
to take-off immediately to resolve the issue, permission was granted and I
took to the air. I was handed over to Anthony on Jersey approach fairly
rapidly, and when Iooked a little later Jersey Tower had closed down.
I suspect the Jersey Tower controller was fairly new, I had to prompt him to
give me a squawk code after I got my clearance. I hope he sticks with it.
Frank T.

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