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Thanks to one and all for tonights session. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although I had to resolve some controller issues early doors.

I was late joining having had to swap out my mobo (again). Not because there's a problem with the mobo but the 20 pin power supply went down. Less than a month it's been in the box. so a refund looks the order of the day. My standby is a fixed 24 pin job so it was out with the one and in with t'other. That left a few set-up problems. The first glitch was I could TX but not RX. Resetting the voice controller set up and re-starting cleared it.

Second problem, not realised until well into the session was my joystick calibration had gone west. A re-calibration on the ground at SABA meant the final of my three legs, was flown in a BN-2 Islander which I downloaded especially yesterday from www.m-r-software.de I'd already flown from Nevis to St. Kitts in it and found it a real handful. having re-calibrated though I thought I'd give it a go.

The Islander in question has a really dodgy 2D panel and unusually is actually more flyable from the virtual cockpit. I have to admit, I really should have spent more time to familiarise myself with it's handling before attempting the St. Barts landing but it was there and I like a challenge. I found getting the power/pitch/trim balancing act more than a little tricky with this bird. Obviously it's not helped by rushed joystick calibration but I'm sure given time I could get used to it, the handling that is not rushing joystick calibrations.

What I do like about the BN-2 is the sound files. On approach to St. Barts where you are constantly throwing it from full throttle to throttle off, the change in pitch was superb. Take note Alex, one for you to look at me thinks.


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Bones -

Thanks for the chat after the session, my comms failed right at the
end so I wasn't able to sign-off politely!  Good flying tonight,
thanks to everyone involved <g>


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