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Be very careful with the suggested tweaks as some seem to me rather extreme
in their recommendations. If you use your PC specifically for FS and nothing
else then they may be worth considering - otherwise use with care.

For example, in the Registry Page they say:

"Stop programs from automatically starting when booting up

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run]; and

None of the entries under these folders are really necessary for WinXP to
operate properly."

Although true (no entries here will stop XP running properly) you may be in
for a shock next time you reboot your PC because NOTHING other than Win XP
will run. No firewall, AV software, sound card drivers, Intellipoint mouse
etc etc. Everything that normally loads automatically will now have to be
manually started. It's not too bad if you remember all these and enable on
demand but it would be all to easy to connect to the Internet accidentally
(say running FS2004 with MP or ASV enabled) without the firewall up and


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Some of you may have seen this before, however I stumbled across it from
the747 Forum.

There are many tweaks which I have done, however there are some new things
which I am working my way through.


Good Luck

Kev T

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