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If You could hack into the prop texture my guess is that the Alpha channel
may be too dark. If you have the tools you could set this to white - this
should remove the disk altogether.

These disks are overblown in FS anyway. There's no doubt you can see them in
photographs and on video but from inside the cockpit you hardly notice them
at all..


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Although not using the aircraft you refer to, the problem sounds similar to 
the problems a lot of FS9 aircraft suffered from when being ported from FS9 
to FSX.  I believe the cause was the abandoning of backward compatability 
with the release of FSX SP1.  the Oct. 2007 date would lend weight to this.


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> Anyone flying this aircraft by Lionheart Creations using FSX? The problem 
> I am having with it has nothing to do with the actual flight 
> characteristics but the depiction of the spinning propeller. The image is 
> so dark that it obscures the view forward through the  cockpit window 
> when using the virtual cockpit.
> I see on their website that they no longer support FSX for this 
> collection. I don't remember seeing their reference to FSX when I 
> purchased it or they quit supporting FSX after I had bought it. According 
> to the website, FSX was no longer supported after October 2007 and I 
> bought it September 2008. I wonder if this is the reason I am having this 
> trouble.
> Denis

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