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  • From: "Paul Reynolds" <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 17:28:03 +0100

For those with a Skype connection problem, Skype recognise the sign-on issue
and are trying to resolve it.  Contrary to my earlier beliefs, they say it
is not related to a cyber attack but a failure in one of their algorithms.
Refreshingly honest me thinks.
They hope to resolve the problem within 24 hours.


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Is it me, or is Skype playing up today?

Given the dramas with Active Sky etc. t'other day I've a feeling we've an
active Denial of Service attack going on over Europe.  This sort of thing is
becoming more frequent unfortunately.  It's the electronic version of the
kid who takes the ball home spoiling it for everyone else.


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