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I was wondering what the point of the program was.. When first trying out
GMax I made quite a few test models before tackling aircraft design. Just
for fun I made a crude but working two cylinder engine and various other
objects and buildings - and it was very enjoyable. It was much more
interesting than basic CAD work but I stopped playing with it because once
made you couldn't do anything with the objects - apart from embedding the
output into FS.

It's a pity because it would be nice to see the working Laxey Wheel showing
up in GE..


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I should have mentioned that being a Google application it is 
designed to work in Google Earth.

It sees uniquely placed for FS design, as the ability to copy 
directly from within GE should allow precise recording of position etc
The unknown is, as before, how to convert information to FS style 
bagels (pre FSX)

There are some tutorials here:


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