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I've not really got to grips with FSNav's SID/STAR database - I tend to put
in too much route and then have to delete large chunks because the STAR goes
out 200nm!

A clunky way to do it would be to generate the FSNav route and make a screen
capture of the map display - or print out the flight plan before dumping it.


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UK SID & STAR data is readilly available, via NATS. In the case of
European and other areas, life ain't so simple. FSNav has a host of SIDs
and STARs but I only seem to be able to access them if I let FSNav
produce the flightplan.
Is there something obvious that I'm missing? Can FSNav be asked to
display the SID or STAR data it holds, for a specified airfield, so that
a sheet can be printed, before asking for FPI flight clearance?

Gerry Winskill

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