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Just a quick guess, related to GA. No flap and you'll accelerate more quickly, to a slightly higher takeoff speed.

With flap the takeoff speed will be, say, 5 knots lower but the increased flap drag will reduce the aircraft's acceleration.

I've read a couple of GA articles where a short field operator starts with no flap and drops takeoff flap as he approached Vr.

Gerry Winskill

bones wrote:

Quite a good article and one I'd recommend everyone reads.

Having done so then I'd ask you all a simple question. What are the
advantages and disadvantages of using flaps for take off - and using no

Simple question but let's see how much you've learnt after all these years
using FS.


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Rummaging through my bookshelf, I came across a copy of the manual that
accompanied Papa Tango's Airfiled for FS95/98.  Nothing remarkable there.
However, opening it I discovered a section on techniques for both soft field
landing and take offs and short field landing and take-offs.

I have scanned the relevant pages and attached them.


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