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I don't have access to rejected PIREPs but I suspect it was because you
files local times for the flight and not UTC. If this happens the flight
cannot be matched up with the period you were logged in to IVAO (which is
also listed on the PIREP submission.

Sadly the same has happened with the flight below. You've filed times of
2205 - 2300 but the server says you were logged in to IVAO between 2101 and
2158 so the two don't match up (they turn white if a match is correct).

Sadly I can't edit a PIREP - I only have a Validate or Reject button come


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The training detail failed due to the students inability to connect to the
Cix server. Why can some people connect and others not.  We have this
problem all the time. It mystifies me. I can connect my laptop via dialup
(i.e. not via my network) no problem.

So I did a JHB trip from Gloucester to Welshpool.  The UK was silent except
for Fred who I spotted on Servinfo as I was about to close down.

John I've filed a Pirep, but I see that my previous flight is still flagged
as "Not accepted" in the Pirep list.  Is this because the times are wrong
(you may remember we discussed this off list). If it cannot be resolved
easily, just delete it if you can - simplest solution. It was a only very
short flight from Watchford Farm to Dunkeswell - more by way of a test than
anything else.


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