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  • Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 15:16:19 +0100

Good news indeed.

For some of you JHB will already appear in Servinfo if you have added the
logo to the ServInfo/Logos folder (you can get it from
http://www.homepages.mcb.net/bones/jhb/jhb.bmp and copy to your PC as
jhb.bmp). The servinfo.dat file also needs amending but this is quite easy.
Just open in Notepad, scroll to the bottom and add the following line.

JHB\\JHB Airlines\Diamond\jhb.org.uk

I have many unofficial amendments to this file as I have added a lot of
airports and a few VA's that use FPI regularly (like GAE, EFP, VUK etc). No
doubt all these changes will be wiped out when ServInfo gets officially
updated but I look forward to a new lease of life on this very useful

JHB was submitted and passed all the checks..


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Rather surprisingly Michael Frantzeskakis has updated the ServInfo page
this week, after a couple of years absence (PMDG programmer).

He is re-compiling the VA Database which will appear as an update , rather
than part of the program.

Just a reminder to bones to ensure JHB are represented

This also heralds an updated version of the invaluable ServInfo, so
something to look forward to there!



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