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Funny but I read that email last night. It takes you back to the Ministry of
Rum which confirms that Admiral Rodney was a limited edition - see

I'm tempted to chase up the Director's Edition.. <g>


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The Rum Forum mentions Admiral Rodney

"The Admiral Rodney has changed quite a bit from their original blend and
for my taste is much better than it used to be. St Lucia is also bottling a
blend they call Chariman's Reserve, which to my taste is much better than
their previously bottled Admiral Rodney which was a little past its peak of
maturity. "

Perhaps this "Chairmans" may be easier to find?


Kev T

At 01:56 11/30/2005, you wrote:
>I have to admit that I've tried all those routes before when I was
>going through the desperate stage - now evolving into dully resigned..
>It was originally intended as a limited edition run but I can't believe
>they dropped it - it was just too good.

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