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  • Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 13:49:12 +0100

I'd thought of something a bit less Bohemian and terribly English. To wit, fastening my trousers with an old club tie. But then that might be thought offensive to non English members of the population. Since ladies don't wear ties it might also be thought to be sexist.....

Won't be long, I'm just going up the loft to look for a tie.

Gerry Winskill

F FISHER wrote:

Have you thought about that old standby, a bit of string, or rope if you need something a bit stronger.

Frank F
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With the prospect of being dragged away on holiday, again, looming
large, I'm trying to design out some of the hassle.

Previous trips have shown I'm incapable of passing through a security
screening device without being sidelined for a search. Initially I
thought it was because of the wire that holds parts of me together.
Sadly, it's less exotic than that and probably triggered by belt
buckles. Against that theory goes the fact that all the men who don't
trigger alarms can't be holding their trousers up only with braces or

So, is there a non metallic belt buckle, perhaps, that I've overlooked?
I've done a Yahoo search but that just seems to turn up sites that would
like to sell me the detector.

It's bad enough starting a trip, at Ronaldsway, clutching my shoes in
one hand. If I have to hold my belt-less trousers up with the other, how
 do I recover my valuables, when they emerge from the microwave?

The only easy solution seems to be not to travel but I've tried that and
bear the scars to show I failed.

The Yahoo search wasn't entirely wasted. One unearthed solution has
brightened my day. On reflection, though, I don't think the best
solution is a chocolate belt buckle.....

Gerry Winskill


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