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I suspect we are rapidly approaching a similar problem so I can very much
sympathise with your situation. I can't even begin to appreciate the work
involved, the disruption, the worry and inevitable strain on the nerves.
Wishing you a Happy Christmas seems very inappropriate so I simply hope that
your festive break passes by without too much distress.

I certainly look forward to seeing you as and when you find time to rejoin
us - as, I am sure, are the rest of the "gang"..

In the meantime take care and my sincerest wishes to you.


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All -

My family problems continue and are conspiring to keep me off-air at the
moment.  Briefly SWMBO & I are acting as full-time carers to my very elderly
mother-in-law whose illness is such that the NHS has given up and said that
they can do no more.  M-in-L is now living with us full-time in the room
directly below my office.  Thank goodness for the Macmillan organisation.  I
don't need to say any more I'm sure...

I'll be back to full participation in the List and be back on FPI sometime
in the future, in the meantime I sincerely hope that all 'Diamonds' have a
great Christmas and my very best wishes to all for a happy and healthy New

Happy Landings!


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