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Having Vista 64 I can confirm you do not need to run FSX in compatibility
mode and FSC runs fine.  So far, apart from IVAP for FS9, the only thing I
can't get to run properly has been the HP Deskjet 720c printer!


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Why not just right click the picture and select Copy. Then open PSP and
paste into it? Saves having to dump the whole page to your PC.

To save a web page just click Save As and then make sure the option is set
to Web Page complete so it saves all related images.


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In the past, when looking at a website page that included something 
useful, I used to be able to save it as a file. As an example, I've just 
looked at a page on Funchal. I'd like to blow up one of the shots in the 
scene, to check whether an object is in the area. In the past I just 
selected File Save and a folder of the chosen name would be created. 
Inside it would be a file of the photograph, that I could then zoom in on.

When I go the file save route these days all it saves is a link to the 
website. Presumably something at my end has changed but I know not what.

  Is there a setting I can change, to get back to the earlier system?

Gerry Winskill

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