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Probabaly why I had problems finding it listed.
I stand corrected.
The infomation site I looked at obviouly had it wrong.
Glad to have you as center, will stay at EFKE_APP, For those who want the short hop. But will be prepared to move if needed.
Shall I post it again?

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Longer serving JHB pilots will know Rovaniemi well as it featured regularly on Christmas assignments. The code is EFRO (not EFLO) and it appears in both
FS2004 and in the PCC software.

If I get the chance I'll log in as Rovaniemi Centre (EFPS_CTR). That leave
three airports to fill - EFRO_APP, ESPA_APP and EFOU_APP.


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As it is Christmas, how about taking the kids to see Santa in Lapland.

The destination airport is Rovaniemi EFLO where we board a snowmobile to
find Santa's workshop.

depart from OULU  EFOU 99nm 360
Tornio EFKE 55nm 029
Lulea ESPA 119nm 050

Unfortunately EFLO is not listed in FS9, but it is there, just NNE of the

VOR 117.70
NDB 377.

You will find it listed in FSNav and FSCommander.

It also is not listed in PCC but goto EFKE and it is 50nm NNE(029), just on
the border with Finland, you cannot miss it.

I will be logged in EFKE_CTR to cover EFLO

See you there, start time 20:00gmt Wednesday, let have a good show.

Dave, Bones would like some help if poss.


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