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That website is run by John Wornham, one of the controllers at Ronaldsway.
The archive 1960's shots were before my time - I was still with the CAA then
- but I recognise Margaret Carine as the telephone operator. By the time I
arrived in 1972 the tower interior was very different.

The 2005 shots show the tower as redesigned in 2002. Loads of PC monitors
that point straight at the sun - which is why the controller monitors have
been (literally) pushed back into the desk. Eyestrain was common.


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Thought I'd look to see if the Ronaldsway Airport Website had a picture of
that "Jumbo" but it didn't.

I did find this link though.  Some great shots of the 60's Tower.  Home from
Home eh Bones? <g>  I'm sure you've seen them before but I hadn't.



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