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As the party hostess said to Einstein "Can you explain your theory to me in
less than five minutes?"


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Having spent virtually the whole of my working life as a component supplier
to R-R, I could venture a few opinions on this subject from the point of
view of a SECOND tier supplier.  How long have you got? <g>


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> Heard on working Lunch today, Rolls Royce have apparently signed a
> deal to deliver Trent engines for the A350.
> Given the delays and loss of confidence the A380 has cost the company,
> I'd like to see how that deal was structured.  One of the
> problems of being a
> component supplier, you fate is in the hands of the manufacturers you
> supply.
> I never understood the politics behind the desimation of the British
> Aircraft/Autombile industry.  We've produce some of the best engineers
> in the world then export them.  Madness!
> Paul

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