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You were. Flight validated - and I saw you on ServInfo too.


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As I reported a few days ago I had the primary drive on my FS machine decde
not to play ball.  I think I found the source, a defrag. Was in progress
while m$ update decided to do it's thing.  I'm sure I'd configured this to
manual so it should not have been active but that's M$ for you.

So I had to re-install the primary drive.  All very well except my original
installation rescue disk would not accept re-installing. It seemed to object
to the new mobo and graphics card.  So I swapped them out ant tried again.
Still no joy.  In the end I swapped back to my preferred configuration,
borrowed an original disk and re-installed from that, using the product code
from my own original installation.  That was OK, the M$ product reg. went
through without a hitch but that's where my troubles really started.

As I don't like putting all my eggs in one basket, I had my programmes
spread over several drives.  Needless to say, now I have a fresh primary
drive installed, all the registry entries had been lost.  What a pain!  It
meant manually backing up user data then deleting and re-installing the
programmes then re-instating user data.

I aslo ditched Zone Alarm since I was re-installing, I now have Comodo
Firewall and AV running.

I've just done an IVAO test flight from Shobdon to Alcester Farm, and was
surprised to see that AI aircraft were still active in FS9.   Whether this
means I was not fully connected remains to be seen.  I was showing up in the
eye, and I've logged the flight so only time will tell.


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