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Hi Gerry,

After penning my note this morning I went to work, blissfully unaware of what I'd started, sorry.

I know a lot of people, much closer to the old Horizon team than I, are happy to support Darren, and I wouldn't knock that for an instant. I guess I had my finance hat on when making the value for money comparison.

I'm sure you are correct about Government inefficiencies, we've all see examples over the years, and I'm afraid the latest exposures about MPs expenses only add weight to that argument.......and he's not my darling chancellor, I don't think any of them have much of a clue.

I'm just coming up to retirement age (65), but I'm planning to continue to work, (a) because I enjoy it - well most of the time - and (b) because my pension pot has shrunk to about half of what it should be over the last couple of years. Don't talk to me about Sir Fred Goodwin........

I hope I didn't spoil your day.

Frank T.

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You've inadvertantly lit my blue touchpaper.

Recent coverage shows that the Isle of Man's financial affairs have been
independently rated as at least on a par with the UK. Your darling
Chancellor has chosen to refer to it as a tax haven in the Irish Sea as
a tactic to divert attention from himself. When challenged, his civil
servants said he didn't really mean that, though unclear on what he
really meant; so it was just a simple porkie. For some years the IOM
Govt has been allowing access to data on the inflow of cash. Retired UK
residents with pensions from UK companies still have to pay tax in the
UK, despite not being allowed to vote for those who control tax rates.

The main gripe that higher tax regimes have with the Island is that our
government doesn't waste as much money so doesn't need to tax its
residents at the same high level. We have our own self funded National
Health Service but not the vast numbers who are, uselessly, employed to
monitor all aspects of it. The Island's economy is run much more like
yours and mine; how much have we got, so how much can we spend. Over
your side it's more a question of "this is what we want to do and here's
your share of the bill.

I'm here for two reasons; my wife is Manx and for the quality of life.
It's the second that has attracted the majority of incomers, only a
small minority having arrived because taxation is lower. I enjoy being
able to go out and leave the doors unlocked. I don't own a lock and
chain for either of my motor bikes. The children can be seen walking
home from school unaccompanied. You can't put a price on that.

I can't of course speak for Alderney. My version isn't real.

Gerry Winskill

Frank Turley wrote:
Hi Frank,

I too was disappointed with the price of this release, for an island
measuring approx 1 mile wide by 4 miles long. I had hoped it would be a
nominal price to showcase the author's talents, to whet our appetites
further releases.

By comparison, one can buy the photoscenery of the Hawaiian island of
Oahu, which I approximate to measure 10 miles east to west, and 30 miles
north to south, at Simmarket today for EUR11.99

I would have liked to support the new venture, but alas I don't live in
a tax haven.

Frank T.

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For someone who regularily uses Aldeney, it may a bargain.

But, it can only be a limited market, I for one will not spent the
time and
money on scenery, that will be looked at maybe once or twice. A total

Now global, or national scenery, that is a different matter.

I am now currently using only the Horizon mesh. disallusioned with the
photoscenery itself. Being only summer, and the colors are rubbish (at
on my screen) does not look real to me. And I am finding areas, where
are large land masses where there should be water, seems strange to see
ships on a landmass. Turning off the photoscenery cures it. Another total
waste of money. FSX on its own, does a much better job, generally.

Frank F


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