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I recall that the Isle of Wight scenery produced by the VFR Add-ons group
was of similar intent - this being a demo area to show the full potential of
the FS Library system. Similarly the VFR Scenery group wanted to release a
demo area of the England and Wales scenery for FS98 and we chose the Isle of
Man for the demo material.

The difference with Alderney is twofold. First it isn't free like the Isle
of Man and Isle of Wight sceneries were. This is understandable considering
Darren has to feed his kids whilst he continues to work on FS scenery
design. In this respect I can see parallels with John Farrie who wanted to
continue full time on FS design rather than find a job and relegate his FS
work to his spare time only. This is obviously a difficult decision to make
and I respect both for choosing as they did.

The second point about the Alderney scenery is that it is not a question
about the size of the product but  of its quality. The problem here is that
assessment of quality is a personal matter and some people can appreciate it
more than others. Just as some people couldn't tell a fine wine from a
bottle of plonk there will be FS users who would never see the finer nuances
of detailed scenery because they haven't developed the subtle appreciation
of it.

Whether users wish to purchase the scenery or not based on their budget
restraints is entirely understandable. It's rather different, and somewhat
unfair, to criticise the scenery itself just because of its pricing.


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I have been watching this correspondence with interest.

Although I am personally unlikely to purchase the Alderney add-on, 
because it is an area where I seldom fly, I am inclined to agree with 
those who describe it as a showcase for VFR third-party scenery and 
Darren's skill in producing it.  In relative terms you could argue that 
it is expensive in £ per square mile covered, but in absolute terms it 
is a modest outlay for a remarkable bit of scenery.

I hadn't thought about the social philosophy articulated by Gerry but I 
would certainly subscribe to his comments.

Mike L

Gerry Winskill wrote:
> Frank,
> See my reply to the FT.
> Not that it's anyone else's business but I live entirely on my UK 
> company pension, plus OAP. Beyond that I'm not prepared to go. It's a 
> bit early in the day to take offence but I've managed it!
> The designer of the scenery isn't retired, has a young family and was 
> made redundant by Horizon. The business he's just set up, so I 
> understand, will be his only source of income. Although not a charity, I 
> regard my modest investment of £17 as going to a deserving cause. 
> Fortunately I can afford it. I must admit that I hadn't thought that I 
> should expect to get my money's worth out of any charity to which I've 
> given.
> In addition, spending such a modest amount on this piece of Payware 
> somewhat reduces the feelings of unease I have about the large volume of 
> Freeware scenery that has brought me so much pleasure, over many years.

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