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A good site indeed - although it hints a bit of information overload.

For most internal UK flights a pilot will get the following data:

1. A synoptic chart. (Go to http://euro.wx.propilots.net/, click on the =
left drop down box and go to Fronts and SLP and under London WAFC click =
Surface Analysis)

2. The usual METAR and TAF listings for his route.
3. Forecast winds (MetForm 214 for UK and 414 for Europe).
4. Forecast weather (MetForm 215 - 415 for Europe).

The last three can be found at the UK Met Office site at
http://www.metoffice.com/aviation/index.html. You need to register for =
service but it is free. After you do this go to the Login page, enter =
details and then press the Launch button.

There are quite a few services to choose from but the Forms list on the =
and the TAF and METAR Bulletins are the basics - and what we would print =
for most pilot briefings.

In addition to the above the pilots would take note of any SIGMET =
warnings -
not available from the Met Office site but they can be found at the =


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> In my search for real world aviation information, particularly for my=20
> Diamond175 737 - I happened across this site.
> It has a wealth of weather related Information which many may find=20
> useful...... many live webcams ....Trains even.
> When Brains is back to form I may have to pick his Bones!
> <http://www.dispatcher.org/brief/adfbrief.html>
> Particularly the Dispatchers Links (Part 2)
> Enjoy
> Kev T

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