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That's two of us!
I'm OK in passenger jets or light aircraft but otherwise suffer from Vertigo. On our last trip I was persuaded to take the Skytrain cable car ride, over the forests outside Cairns. Bad mistake! SWMBO had to go alone up the even worse cable car ascent of Table Mountain.
I wouldn't fancy my chances in an open microlights either.
I wasn't like this for many years but our quack says it often arrives as you get older.

Gerry Winskill

bones wrote:

I've been flying since 1966 and I'm still scared of heights. I even did a
skydiving course - which I loved - but it hasn't cured my fear of heights.
It's weird really - I can jump out of an aircraft but a tall building gives
me vertigo. <vbg>


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That's what my nephew's swmbo asked.I thought heck I've only been 2 and half

hrs at it and thought I'd have had no option  but to make flipping good try
after a few fumbling emergency calls.In the 1st hr he got me to go up above
3000' and allow the plane to climb and drop to just under 60mph in which
case a stall was generated- a strange feeling of a moment of stillness
before pointing down to gain lift speed again to recover in 75'.I'm not sure

how I managed to cope with that because the Big One at B/pool Pleasure Beach

is a ride I wont go on because I'm scared of it.He was showing me how easy
it was to loose speed in a climb and stall if you don't keep a watch on your

ASI.All good fun.


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I booked an hour for my trial lesson, and asked my instructor to
demonstrate a stall and then a spin for me - which he did (from
altitude!) I had been FS-ing for a year by then, and I even gave him
the heading to steer to fly me over my house - so he made me do it.
Arrogant young pup, I was!

Last year, to add a bit more interest, I went out with a mate who is
an instructor, and I flew the whole detail from T/O to landing from
the right hand seat to see what it was like - ideal practice for the
newspapers' favourite "what if the pilot collapses" scenario.


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Flying level for ten minutes would be boring. If the aircraft was
trimmed correctly there would be little for you to do. You would have
little feel
for the aircraft behaviour and how it changes in a turn, climb or
dive. At
least with a trial lesson you would probably cover these basic


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