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The FS models mostly fly the book figures of the real aircraft but they
don't HANDLE like them, except in a vague way. Some get closer which is why
I recommend the Real Air C172 (free) and the Flight 1 PA28. I bought the FSD
Navajo and the cockpit is accurate but the handling and sounds are far from
the real aircraft - but probably as good as FS can get.


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> But M$, has always made a point of testing models, by using real
> world pilots.
My experience is limited to the C172 in the MS default fleet, and it's not
at all like the real thing. I suspect that when the real world pilots told
them to improve this or that aspect, MS said "Too expensive".  Too expensive
for instance to model the view out of the side window correctly in VC view
in FSX? Are these American pilots all 7 feet tall? Or the fact that sitting
in a cold dark 172, you cannot see the ground ahead, because she sits nose
high.  Only when you start the engine does she sink down on the nosewheel
oleo. Not modelled in FS at all.  In 2D view you are lucky to see the
horizon at all, the default stationary pitch attitude has you staring down
at the ground.

When you turn in the air, in FS the nose drops markedly and you have to hold
the stick back considerably to maintain level flight.  In a real 172, you
only have to increase back pressure a little bit in any bank angle up to 30
degrees.  When you close the throttle in a real 172, the nose drops
immediately, not after it has thought about it a bit as in FS.  And of
course stall and spin behaviour is nowhere near. I can only judge on that
one default aircraft so others may be better, but I doubt it.

I love Flight simming, but only because I have to use my imagination to
smooth away all the things which are wrong about the aircraft.  Don't even
mention the scenery.

I'd be diillusioned if I wasn't hooked!


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