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Hi Frank Having a proper 'go' will be a fantastic experience after Fsim,and Fsim on full realism is a big help as I found out when I was treated to acouple of flights by my nephew, who is a flight instructor.He's always saying I started him of in his flight career so when I told him about my Fsimming interest I was invited up to Scotland Inverness to do it for real last Nov. in a C172.1st day I did the walk round/sat left, introduced to panel,checklist& startup,taxi, hold, checklist,lineup then TO to 500',baseleg to 1000 then 2500 round Dingwall area then down to1000at end of downwind to do baseleg to 500 to turn for finals keeping the R+W lights even to land.I actually did that with some minor touches from him[he said they were but I tend to think they were more than minor]That was really exciting especially when he said that 10hrs could see me doing solo.I thought pull the other leg.The next day was more exciting with abit of sweat.TO up to 3000 to clear the hills near Cromarty onto Tain area dog legging to a grass strip by Dornoch golf club.[he did the grass landing]After tea &soup TO to Inverness to find myself doing another landing and then maintain gaining momentem toTO and do a circuit.The landing this time was done by him cos an Easyjet was taxi-ing for rwy so we couldn't hold him up but get in quick. By gum it was a thrilling exciting experience.Never too old [66] to learn, looking forward to next chance.He was suprised to see Fsim could give a good gist to real flying.Guess I've said enough. Fred ----- Original Message ----- From: "franklyn fisher" <ff006c5886@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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A couple of years ago myself and three others, hired a Piper Cherokee, one of us was the qualified pilot.

We flew from EGTO to Duxford, with a midpoint stop.
And back with a stop at Andrewsfield.

The plan was, that the three non-pilots, would take turns in the righthand seat, and have a go.

Due to weather conditions, we nearly did not depart.
But made it to Duxford. Then the weather became CAVOK, for the rest of the day.

I took the leg from Andrewsfield to Rochester, and was the only non pilot to take the controls, abiet for 10 minutes, from cruise level to just passing Southend.

My only experiance at the wheel.

Surfice to say the pilot kept his feet on the pedals, I just had to keep it straight and level, it was so easy as to be boring.

Living so close to Rochester, it is small wonder that I have not taken a trial flight(have done a couple of suba dives).

I will be moving near to Cranbrook, and will definatly be looking to have a proper go.

Frank F

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