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Does that end your 15min worth of fame then..? <g>


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Let's get the credit right here,EGBB Phil Reynolds work not mine.


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>I have I believe the latest FSX EGBB version from Paul V1.2 with corrected 
> I guess the Turn On/Off AI option is the best solution at the present 
> time, I must ensure that turning it Off becomes part of the Approach 
> Checklist.
> Thanks for this advise.
> I am working through many options with this new install of FSX and 
> although there is very much less in the Add-on realm, there are some 
> goodies.
> Tony Meredith is known here, but Alf Denham has uploaded 15 zip files to 
> date, which include 48 FSX airfields.
> These airfields have been expanded using default textures and although Alf

> admits he has no knowledge of these individual airfields and has no unique

> textures, there is no comparison to the default MS offerings. I have made 
> an AIO folder to contain these which works extremely well.
> They would form the basis of a fine VFR Tour... so I list them here:
> Aberporth       Andrewsfield
> Bagby           Barra
> BelleVue        Bembridge
> Bodmin  Brimpton
> Caernarfon      Clacton
> Conington       Cosford
> Deanland        Dunkeswell
> Dunsfold        Duxford
> Eaglescott      EarlsColne
> Eggesford       Elmsett
> Elstree Enstone
> Eshott          Fenland
> Goodwood        Haverfordwest
> Lashenden       Lerwick
> Lydd            Maypole
> Netherthorpe    North Weald
> Old Warden      Old Buckenham
> Perranporth     Popham
> Seething        Sheffield
> Sherburn        Shobdon
> Sturgate        Sutton Bank
> Swansea Sywell
> Truro           Upfield Farm
> Welshpool       Wickenby
> Are there recent figures as to the numbers of JHB members who use FS9 and 
> FSX?
> I have purchased FSC along with WideServer/FSUipc, but as yet have only 
> one way data (XP -> Vista, Vista wont see XP grrr) but I'm working on it.
> Thanks and best wishes
> Kev T
> At 18:29 4/10/2009, you wrote:
>>You hit the nail on the head there.
>>I've had an aircraft go around because he said there was an aircraft on 
>>runway. It turned out to be something generated on his system but I 
>>get through to him that neither I or other aircraft on IVAO could possibly
>>see it. He wasn't able to understand why I gave him landing clearance with
>>an aircraft already on the runway and suggested there was something wrong
>>with my connection because I hadn't spotted it. <g>
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>>Hi Kevin,
>>I'm not sure which version of Phil's Birmingham scenery you are using.
>>If it's FSX, then the AI can still be kept in operation, when on line.
>>In FSX, and the most recent version of IVAP, AI is automatically
>>disabled by the IVAO software, when you connect to a server. If you want
>>to see it, then just go to Options Scenery Traffic and put the sliders
>>where you want them. I normally do this, whilst minimising the framerate
>>hit by leaving the GA slider at zero.
>>Like you, I find it disheartening to arrive at a deserted airfield. I
>>know the controllers frown on the principle of running AI but I would
>>challenge anyone to spot I'm using it, as I never let it's presence
>>interfere with the action of my own aircraft. If a confliction seems
>>likey then it takes about 5 seconds to switch off the AI. Sometimes I
>>don't feel the need to use it because I can see decent IVAO traffic
>>volumes at departure and / or arrival fields.
>>If you are indeed running FSX, then FSC will now display all other IVAO
>>traffic, within about 100 miles.
>>Gerry Winskill

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