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The WideClient module (run on the PC not running FS) needs to be able to "see" WideServer (ie. FS machine). Once registered, FS will take care of the WwideServer module so you don't need to run that seperately.

For WideClient to see the FS/WideServer PC you are right, they need to be on the same network domain since you will be using local addressing.


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I have that set up fsx on a vista 64 pc fsc on an xp pc with wideserver.I had trouble at first but now it runs ok.you have to make sure both pc are in the same work group I think
Paul Reynolds can help more
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I have I believe the latest FSX EGBB version from Paul V1.2 with corrected DME.

I guess the Turn On/Off AI option is the best solution at the present time, I must ensure that turning it Off becomes part of the Approach Checklist.
Thanks for this advise.

I am working through many options with this new install of FSX and although there is very much less in the Add-on realm, there are some goodies.

Tony Meredith is known here, but Alf Denham has uploaded 15 zip files to date, which include 48 FSX airfields. These airfields have been expanded using default textures and although Alf admits he has no knowledge of these individual airfields and has no unique textures, there is no comparison to the default MS offerings. I have made an AIO folder to contain these which works extremely well.

They would form the basis of a fine VFR Tour... so I list them here:

Aberporth       Andrewsfield
Bagby           Barra
BelleVue        Bembridge
Bodmin  Brimpton
Caernarfon      Clacton
Conington       Cosford
Deanland        Dunkeswell
Dunsfold        Duxford
Eaglescott      EarlsColne
Eggesford       Elmsett
Elstree Enstone
Eshott          Fenland
Goodwood        Haverfordwest
Lashenden       Lerwick
Lydd            Maypole
Netherthorpe    North Weald
Old Warden      Old Buckenham
Perranporth     Popham
Seething        Sheffield
Sherburn        Shobdon
Sturgate        Sutton Bank
Swansea Sywell
Truro           Upfield Farm
Welshpool       Wickenby

Are there recent figures as to the numbers of JHB members who use FS9 and FSX?

I have purchased FSC along with WideServer/FSUipc, but as yet have only one way data (XP -> Vista, Vista wont see XP grrr) but I'm working on it.

Thanks and best wishes

Kev T

At 18:29 4/10/2009, you wrote:
You hit the nail on the head there.

I've had an aircraft go around because he said there was an aircraft on the runway. It turned out to be something generated on his system but I couldn't get through to him that neither I or other aircraft on IVAO could possibly see it. He wasn't able to understand why I gave him landing clearance with
an aircraft already on the runway and suggested there was something wrong
with my connection because I hadn't spotted it. <g>


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Hi Kevin,

I'm not sure which version of Phil's Birmingham scenery you are using.
If it's FSX, then the AI can still be kept in operation, when on line.
In FSX, and the most recent version of IVAP, AI is automatically
disabled by the IVAO software, when you connect to a server. If you want
to see it, then just go to Options Scenery Traffic and put the sliders
where you want them. I normally do this, whilst minimising the framerate
hit by leaving the GA slider at zero.

Like you, I find it disheartening to arrive at a deserted airfield. I
know the controllers frown on the principle of running AI but I would
challenge anyone to spot I'm using it, as I never let it's presence
interfere with the action of my own aircraft. If a confliction seems
likey then it takes about 5 seconds to switch off the AI. Sometimes I
don't feel the need to use it because I can see decent IVAO traffic
volumes at departure and / or arrival fields.

If you are indeed running FSX, then FSC will now display all other IVAO
traffic, within about 100 miles.

Gerry Winskill

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