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          Received your message.  Yes I would like to have a chat with you 
before I do anything else otherwise I am going to get deeper in the mire.
          Will be about this afternoon and this evening from about 7.30.  Not 
tomorrow will be out all day.  Thursday PM and evening.  Look forward to 
speaking with you
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  You keep talking about transferring data.

  You can only do this with data files.

  Not program files.

  You must first delete/remove the program. THEN REINSTALL to the new position.

  I am still available on Skype, and teamviewer, or phone me, you have the 

  I am busy setting up my new machine, but can take time out to help, with the 
limited knowledge that I have.

  I take it you do still have your internet connections working.

  Frank F
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    Subject: [jhb_airlines] Re Ivao Connection

    To the chaps who offered advice,
          I have tried all the suggestions you offered but without success.  I 
also managed to crash the computor.
          I can only assume the problem is caused since I had the new hard disc 
installed, prior to this I had no probs.
          On trying to install Ivao onto the new disc the computor crashed.  I 
tried to install vasFMC onto the new disc I got a message saying it was already 
installed.  It is but on the old disc.
           I think my problem is not being able to transfer data from one disc 
to another.  I contacted the computor guy I usually use and he quoted me £155 
to do a data transfer which seemed on the high side.
           Can anyone offer any advice on how to transfer data as I am 
reluctant to pay the price quoted.



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