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You keep talking about transferring data.

You can only do this with data files.

Not program files.

You must first delete/remove the program. THEN REINSTALL to the new position.

I am still available on Skype, and teamviewer, or phone me, you have the 

I am busy setting up my new machine, but can take time out to help, with the 
limited knowledge that I have.

I take it you do still have your internet connections working.

Frank F
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  To the chaps who offered advice,
        I have tried all the suggestions you offered but without success.  I 
also managed to crash the computor.
        I can only assume the problem is caused since I had the new hard disc 
installed, prior to this I had no probs.
        On trying to install Ivao onto the new disc the computor crashed.  I 
tried to install vasFMC onto the new disc I got a message saying it was already 
installed.  It is but on the old disc.
         I think my problem is not being able to transfer data from one disc to 
another.  I contacted the computor guy I usually use and he quoted me £155 to 
do a data transfer which seemed on the high side.
         Can anyone offer any advice on how to transfer data as I am reluctant 
to pay the price quoted.



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