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The only stipulation for the G suffix is that the round world flight must
have a total flight distance exceeding 20,000nm. This means that at least
one airfield has to lie across the Equator otherwise the total distance
falls short of the target.

For example London - Athens - Riyadh - Karachi - Calcutta - Hong Kong -
Tokyo - Anchorage - Chicago - New York - London looks as if it qualifies but
the total distance is only 17073nm. Changing this slightly to:

London - Athens - Kuwait - Karachi - Calcutta - Rangoon - Singapore - Hong
Kong - Tokyo - Honolulu - San Francisco - Chicago - New York - London makes
quite a difference and the total jumps to 20043nm.

If you have an idea as to the route you would like to take then let me know
and I can run it through the spreadsheet.


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Mike L.
Thanks Mike.Could be interestting
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> Ernie
> Most RTWs are predominantly in the northern hemisphere since this is
> where most of the land mass (and therefore most of the airports) are.  I
> managed to get to Oz and New Zealand in one of my RTWs, and round a
> little bit of South America in another.  You might want to consider a
> RTW exclusively (or mainly) in the southern hemisphere...  A bit more of
> a challenge.
> Mike L
> franklyn fisher wrote:
>> Ernie
>> Goto the JHB Pilot hours page, there are 7 pilots with 'G'. They
>> could maybe give you a few ideas for routes, you then just need to
>> refine your own, using an online route planner Frank F

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