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If you want a private session, with one on one tution, I am only too happy to volunteer.
I am online most evenings and for an hour late afternnon.
Frank F

Fred Stopforth wrote:
Frank,thanks for looking after me on Wed night things can only keep getting better with experience. Will have to put myself on the grass areas to listen and observe how things are said and done when some events take place.Fred ----- Original Message ----- From: "franklyn fisher" <ff006c5886@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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San Javier, been there via Monarch airlines, stayed at Murcia, a few miles north.

As an aside, I hope that the other (late) night was a help. I have an impression that the recommended software needs to be connected to the net during the install, no problem,they are secure. Just make sure that Nortons is not active.


Fred Stopforth wrote:
Thanks Peter fortunately my kids have been long gone-- one five miles away and the other down in Cartagena,Spain afew miles from San Javier airport which is where I'm going toon Wed 15th.Hasta la vista Fred
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BTW if you've got kids, protect yourself, and the machine from problems by making their accounts limited. They can still use the internet, MSN etc.
but are prevented from installing anything, they're forced to ask for
permission from the administrator to do this which means provided they don't
know the admin. account password you're in control. If you do want to
install something for them, use the same method as above.
The downside of that is that probably the majority of computer games will not run in limited accounts. The best ones do - Zoo Tycoon, FS, Lego Sar Wars (the only PC game I've ever enjoyed at
all - what a laugh) but the cheapos and the freebies don't.


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